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We have works of art made by many of Britain's most important artists, several  inspired by Benjamin Britten's Aldeburgh beach. Please click here to see our latest acquisitions.


The ArtHouse shows works created in and or inspired by the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout

Viewing by appointment call Caroline on 01728 452754 to fix a time.


Spring Clearance

Saturday 7th May 2016

Pebble Homage Finissage

Saturday 14th May 2016

The Pebble Homage installation finishes in May 2016, when these pebbles will be scattered over the beach to be found by future generations.

This will be accompanied by a Pebble Homage selling exhibition inside the Lookout including works by:

Antony Gormley

Roger Hardy

Henri Matisse

Tessa Newcomb

Peter Randall Page

Ai Wei Wei

Satie 150 Year Anniversary

Saturday 21st May 2016

Eileen Cooper RA - New Work for Aldeburgh

Saturday 28th May 2016

Stephen Farthing RA - The North Sea

Friday 10th - Sunday 26th June 2016

Iain Nicholls and Allison Gill - Virtual Reality

Saturday 2nd July 2016

Simon Gales

Saturday 30th July 2016

Tai-Shan Schierenberg and Lynn Dennison

Saturday 13th August - Sunday 15th August 2016

Hannah Maynard

Saturday 27th August 2016


The Aldeburgh Beach LOOKOUT

The Aldeburgh Beach South LOOKOUT is a tiny temple of inspiration for artists, poets, writers, performers and thinkers.  Each Saturday the artist reveals what he / she has created during the week.  Openings are usually on Saturday lunch times between 11 - 4 pm but please check our website for full details or ring Caroline Wiseman on 01728 452754.  Email for further information. Please click here to see our Aldeburgh Beach Lookout website.

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