Caroline Wiseman Modern & Contemporary

Aldeburgh Carnival at The Lookout
ALIVE in the UNIVERSE art-films

Saturday 18th - Monday 20th August, early till late.

Over the three days, we are screening all the art-film submissions received so far for ALIVE in the UNIVERSE at the Venice Biennale. Join us anytime over the three days, we will be serving Bellinis, getting in the mood for Venice!

The Aldeburgh Beach LOOKOUT and Art House

The Observer wrote a wonderful article on The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout and all that we do here. Read it by clicking here.

The Aldeburgh Beach South LOOKOUT is a tiny temple of inspiration for artists, poets, writers, performers and thinkers.  Each Saturday the artist reveals what he /she has created during the week.  Openings are usually on Saturday lunchtimes between 11 - 4 pm but please check our website for full details or ring Caroline Wiseman on 01728 452754.  Email for further information. Please click here to see our Aldeburgh Beach Lookout website.

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