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We have works of art made by many of Britain's most important artists, several  inspired by Benjamin Britten's Aldeburgh beach. Please click here to see our latest acquisitions.


Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker

Seeing Double

Saturday 10th October

Poet, Harriet Tarlo and artist, Judith Tucker, have been working together on place-based projects since 2011 and have developed a joint practice around walking, writing and drawing. They will show work from two previous projects, Tributaries, set in West Yorkshire, and Excavations and Estuaries, set on the East Coast near Cleethorpes. 

At Aldeburgh, they will extend this practice to explore the relation of the very particular architecture of the vertical tower in contrast to the horizontal shingle beach. They intend to complicate ideas of inside and outside with an uncanny effect. The ideas behind Seeing Double exploit both the collaborative nature of our practice and the twin concepts of looking out and looking back in.

Their work will offer a subverted idea of the sublime and the shoreline and an unusual perspective on the lookout tower. The shapes of the windows and the architecture of the lookout will guide them in this.

They will undertake our fieldwork walks together using our signature concertina notebooks, drawing and writing as we go, and as part of this Harriet will also gather found material through talking to other walkers on the beach.

For the Saturday exhibition, Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker will project drawings and text onto the outside of the tower and exhibit works on paper inside and lead a group walk with stopping places offering different perspectives on the tower for short poetry readings on the beach.

Pebble Homage Installation and Show

May 2015 - for one year

Pebble Homage is a participative art installation at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, to coicide with Antony Gormley's sculpture on top of Aldeburgh's Martello Tower.

You will be given a marker pen and invited to choose a pebble from the beach.  As you walk towards the Martello Tower and back we challenge you to think about life and to write a short thought on your pebble.  These pebbles will be collected together to form an installation.  In one year's time they will be scatterd over the beach to be found by future generations.

This will be accompanied by a Pebble Homage selling exhibition inside the Lookout including works by

Antony Gormley

Roger Hardy

Henri Matisee

Tessa Newcomb

Peter Randall Page

Ai Wei Wei


The Aldeburgh Beach LOOKOUT

The Aldeburgh Beach South LOOKOUT is a tiny temple of inspiration for artists, poets, writers, performers and thinkers.  Each Saturday the artist reveals what he / she has created during the week.  Openings are usually on Saturday lunch times between 11 - 4 pm but please check our website for full details or ring Caroline Wiseman on 01728 452754.  Email for further information. Please click here to see our Aldeburgh Beach Lookout website.

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