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We have works of art made by many of Britain's most important artists, several  inspired by Benjamin Britten's Aldeburgh beach. Please click here to see our latest acquisitions.


The ArtHouse shows works created in and or inspired by the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout

Viewing by appointment call Caroline on 01728 452754 to fix a time.



Simon Gales - From Gravity to Light

Saturday 30th July 2016

British artist Simon Gales will be creating five sculpture/paintings on site. These spare, physical pieces, part painting, part wall sculpture FROM GRAVITY TO LIGHT focusses on the notion of gravity, energy, light and life through synthesis and evolution using references drawn from the vicinity of the work place.

Simon Gales attended Ipswich School of Art and Goldsmiths College London where he studied under Jon Thompson from 1985-88. In 1989 he was selected as one of 25 'Christies New Contemporaries' along with Mark Francis and Glenn Brown in a highly publicised show at the Royal College and has since shown in numerous exhibitions and Arts Council funded touring shows in galleries and museums across Britain. 

A feature on Simon Gales has just been published in the current biannual 'Turps Banana' Art Magazine (issue 16) 2016 which is available in most established artbook shops and the Tate Modern.

Amanda Houchen - Beneath the Canopy

Saturday 6th August 2016

Tai-Shan Schierenberg and Lynn Dennison

Saturday 13th August - Sunday 15th August 2016

Eileen Haring Woods - The Aldeburgh Souvenir: Memory as Object

16th - 20th August 2016

The Aldeburgh Souvenir:  Memory as Object

Artist, curator and producer Eileen Haring Woods launches a new arts project in August, exploring the social and cultural value of souvenirs of place, encompassing the ideas of memory as object, and sense of place and community through totems and keepsakes. Souvenirs have been produced and collected for thousands of years and the impulse to own an ‘object of memory’ generates an international industry of fine design and high kitsch items. 

Souvenirs of Aldeburgh currently available from local shops include a range of mass produced generic items, very few of which actually embody the identity of Aldeburgh. But what is the real identity of Aldeburgh?  

Through three new installations and daily drop in workshops in the Lookout,  Eileen will encourage people of all ages who live, work and play in Aldeburgh to volunteer their own ideas about the identity of Aldeburgh, and these ideas will help her process to devise a new work of art - A Souvenir for Aldeburgh. 

Deborah Jaffe, an avid souvenir collector and author of texts on the cultural and production history of souvenirs will provide her expertise and examples of her own interpretations of place souvenirs as original ceramic works. 

Do you have a treasured souvenir you would like us to include in the display, or as a photograph in a short  film?  Eileen is particularly interested in weird and wonderful souvenirs from around the world. 

Throughout her career Eileen’s work has always considered the definition of sense of place through the built and natural environments, the social  mix of communities and the perception of a place through its heritage and contemporary culture.  Many of you will know her project ‘Unique in the Universe’ which was developed and premiered in the Lookout. 

More details of The Aldeburgh Souvenir events and how you can participate coming soon. 

Hannah Maynard

Saturday 27th August 2016


The Aldeburgh Beach LOOKOUT

The Aldeburgh Beach South LOOKOUT is a tiny temple of inspiration for artists, poets, writers, performers and thinkers.  Each Saturday the artist reveals what he / she has created during the week.  Openings are usually on Saturday lunch times between 11 - 4 pm but please check our website for full details or ring Caroline Wiseman on 01728 452754.  Email for further information. Please click here to see our Aldeburgh Beach Lookout website.

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